Hi! I'm Tobias, a cinematographer based in Stuttgart, Germany, where I also run the co-working space STACE – welcoming you anytime. 

I started as a media designer apprentice, and since 2019, I've been a successful freelance Director of Photography (DoP). Adding another layer to my journey, I took on the role of a trainer in 2022, sharing my experiences and expertise with aspiring creatives.

What makes me stand out is not just my technical proficiency but my genuine passion for bringing ideas to life. From start to finish, I focus on enhancing your vision. Working with a team of skilled freelancers, I ensure that every aspect, from production to editing, sound design and color grading, is expertly handled.

Beyond the borders of my hometown Stuttgart, I travel globally, capturing diverse projects and moments for my clients.
So, whether you're in Stuttgart or elsewhere, let's meet over a cup of coffee and discuss your exciting project. Your vision, paired with my expertise, can create something amazing.

Together, we take your project to the next level.

With our skills, our team spirit, and our network, we're keen to hear about your project expectations. Thanks to our way of collaborative working, often closely together with various freelancers, we can realize each of your ideas–including post-production (such as editing, sound design and color grading). Since travelling is a fun part of our job, you can book us worldwide.

Some past and current clients include
Telekom, Porsche, Sioux, Stelp E.V., dm, Edeka, Bosch, Lidl, Nespresso, Stapelstein,  CBS-consulting, AllforOne, Bentley, Aston Martin, Leica, WongDoody, Liganova, Ramp.space, WarnerBros, Neeve Band, Ministerium für Umwelt amongst others.

Reach out to join and/or to collaborate on projects.